Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In cognizant

Random Thoughts for today:

- I have revisited old sojourns, old thoughts, old friends from my re-blog-sitory. Wow! I felt so happy looking back in the past. I cringed several times for having to write whatever that was written in those rolls. Its good to chronicle things because somehow it can be the source of all sources of happiness or sadness, even foolishness. Before the week ends I should blog about some things i failed to write about especially when I was in the middle of writing my beloved thesis (ack!)

- In the middle of a chat with a friend, i speechify some gender-sensitive thoughts: sometimes we (women) expect them (men) to know everything about us, to do everything for us, we expect them to read our minds, we expect a lot from for a guy friend to like us, even if he's not really into us....and then when they fail to do these and whathaveyou....we get mad...we rage, we loathe, we despise them...and make them feel like they're the most useless, stupid and insensitive creatures on earth. While they can sometimes get into our nerves...and they can really be so annoying at times....more often than not, we are so damn blinded by our love or like for, that's certainly a guilty pleasure for all of us...women out there. I, myself is guilty of that, and sometimes, how i wish to sing Beyonce's song...if i were a boy...and make it least no heartaches, no pains.

Gee, how could i have entertained such thoughts...pathetic...but maybe that's the effect of having been so used to miss busy bee life, then suddenly finding yourself free as a bird.

- I have a lot of plans...but this flu...argh, i don't like this feeling. I don't like to be sick. I wasn't able to give my present to some friends in the University, which I promised to deliver beginning last two weeks ago. I haven't finish sending my new contact number to people...and having to migrate all those kills me. I wasn't able to pay my almost due bill. In the coming days, I will try to do all these and begin with my projects like organising scrapbooks of my 2007 spring sem...of my recent trips, etc.,etc.When I am well, i will meet my girl laugh and prattle.

- Apart from all these, my heart is beating happily, these days. Why?Because... :D