Saturday, April 7, 2012

Menu Del Dia para Rainy Black Saturday

Menu del dia(Menu of the day):Ensalada Mixta con camarones(small shrimp) gulas (from angulasor baby eel, which is a sea food favorite of the people from the Basque Country of Spain. The price of a kilo would usually range from 300 to 500 euros...quite expensive, but since the people here love it so much they made a replacement called "gulas" which is available in the supermercado),y queso in olive oil and pepper. I've toasted a slice of pan de blanco to complement. The recipe came from my flatmate's madre, Matilde - an 80 year old woman, who looks like America's golden girl Betty White, and who calls me guapa whenver she sees me- who prepared this salad for my birthday.

Para Postre (For dessert):a simple las fresas y las manzanas (peladas)con el azĂșcar(strawberries and apples {peeled} with sugar from Eroski (Supermercado).There's only one huge wet market that I know of here, and it's in Bilbao, so people from getxo, where I live buys their stuff from the supermercado or from solo shops (depending on what you need), for meat you go to Carceneria, for Fish in Pescaderia, for fruits at fruteria, for bread at panaderia, the list can go on for all the "rias" you can think of. 

Para Beber (For drinks): zumo de melocoton-uva-manzana (apple-grape-peach juice).I usually buy the San Simon brand, it tastes good. Sometimes, I buy oranges to squeeze for fresh juice, but I must say it's only good for breakfast. 

Solved.I think this was more than enough for today's meal, so I didn't take any for dinner. The "gulas" appears like worms on the plate, but no it's really good. The camarones, i brought one bag from the supermercado, I just sauteed it in garlic and butter (disclaimer: I'm not trying to be some chef here, excuse for the terms, I'm not quite sure, this is just plain survival cooking, as we speak). But I must say it's so good, I wanna eat this set for tomorrow. Perhaps, will try other stuff tomorrow. In a way, it's nice to eat this kind of meal-guilt-free when eating. At least even without adobo, or sinigang, I'm happily eating-surviving, or surviving-eating or whathaveyou... in spanish I'd say "yo es muy, muy contenta!"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dejar Que La Nieve (x3)!

Soon  springtime will be close to a month, how time flies... Winter just went away with time like the snow melting at Alto Campo Ski Resort. But oh, i guess, only a little portion have melted since it's quite a large Cantabrian resort with extensive (27km) skiing above the tree-line. 

The resort is best suited to intermediate and advanced skiers--that doesn't count me.  Alto Campoo is approximately 100km from Santander, quite close to Bilbao and quite an experience for a good number of reasons: 

1. For somebody who comes from the tropical islands, a place with snow is quite a dream land. 

2. For somebody who's not so fond of heights, having to spend some good 30 minutes on the cable car alone (because somebody failed to spot her seat), to reach the peak, with changing altitude (hence, wind burn, after) and blowing winds sans the lap bars (because some operator doesn't know how to explain in english), is quite a shock and awe moment.

3. For somebody who sends smiles and kisses to advanced skiers, is rewarded with best smiles and kisses. 

Friday, July 17, 2009

Uniquely Singapore: Selamat Datang

After the a year of knotty, tense, harrowing, but nevertheless blissful journey of thesis writing, I badly needed a wonderful R&R. And what else is there, but a Singapore trip down the pike. Thanks to my sister, I was a junket in her 3-day holiday reward she received from her company. The trip was pretty interesting. I was sick days before our scheduled flight, and was sick during the entire trip, I thought I'd spoil the fun. When boarding the plane, I was so worried that the thermal scanner in both Ninoy Aquino and Changi Airport would alarm because of high fever, and boy did that unnerve me. The trip turns out to be fun and funny, because just when I thought I was running away from anything and anybody related to that arresting thesis, Surprise! Surprise!- I saw my thesis panelist-reader during my R&R. The trip was very short, and how I regret not being able to visit other interesting sites, but surely the days I spent in SG were enough to do the following (in no particular order):

1) Taste the Ice Cream sold by the Ice Cream Uncles in Orchard Road.

2) Take a boatload of photos at Merlion Park.

3) Meet the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles.

4) Bump into the people of the River Sculpture.

5) Bestride the Luge and wing the way to the Sky Ride at Sentosa.

6) Snap up at Bugis Street.

7) Get a load of Singapore via the Tiger Sky Tower.

8) Explore the Arts House at the Old Parliament.

9) Discover the Images of Singapore.

10) While away at Vivo City.

11) Get a glimpse of the performances at The Esplanade.

12) Be sited next to the Golden Grain.

13) Make a whoopee along nicely-built underpass.

14) Grin when your photo is being taken at the Merlion's mouth.

15) Lap up and get a thrill out of your visit at Singapore.


Friday, July 10, 2009

To full, or not too fool?

Driving a car is a good way
to learn your lesson today.

Listen to daddy,
or else you'd feel sorry.

Never keep your gas tank empty, but full
Otherwise you'd laugh at yourself for being a fool!

The turn of events just blew me away. I was driving along Aguirre avenue and was trying to call my brother, when I suddenly felt my car was going on the fritz. I decided pull over to the side, to avoid obstructing the traffic. I turned off the car engine, then tried to key in and put the car to start again, repeatedly. But heck, it wasn't working!!! At first, I thought of calling my dad to ask for help, or to ask him to send me a car mechanic, so i'd be able to go home. I was looking at my gauges, then recalled that I've been driving for several days with the gas gauge signaling "empty". It's not like I did not know that it was empty when I left the house, but I had this brilliant idea in my head that even if my gauge is signaling empty, i still have a few liters to spare, and I can still drive until Batangas toll, and so i decided to go on with my activity; procrastinate and gas up before I go home. Stupid enough to entertain such thought, I decided not to call my dad because for sure it's a big hassle and a big mouth waiting for me. I talked to some guy in the shop where my car is parked. I informed him that I cannot move my car because I had no gas, and apologize for blocking their way.

I started to put a brave face on then left my car and took the trike so i can reach the main road. And what could be worse, I was snarled up in traffic, with the littlest of idea whether I was doing the right thing. So i arrived the main road...walked a little, and then, another brave face on for crossing the busy street. When I reached the gasoline station, I asked the gas boy if they sell gasoline in a container. He asked for my container, because they don't sell unless there is a container, and I had none. I asked him, if they have some spare that I could borrow, because I was already in deep trouble. Good thing he was able to find one. Another gas boy approached me to ask how many liters do I need and if I am using unleaded. I asked him to sell me some P500 worth of V-power gas, then he gave me grin. Laughing at that, he told me,that the container can only carry some 4 liters and P500 worth of gas would just be too much. And so I said, go ahead, fill-up as much as it can hold.

I had to walk back holding the container of gas. Pathetic me! I took the trike again until I saw my car. I wanted to ask the trike driver to fill-up my tank with the container of gas I was holding, but I was embarrassed. He had this look on his face...something that shows a wonder as to why I carry such container and why I opened my gas tank. After I payed him, he left, and I was left alone. I opened the container, poured in the gas, until I noticed some cars taking a slow down as they approach me; they stare at me, maybe at a wonder why I was doing such things that only men are supposed to do. Oh well! what to do...I've got a car to drive...but without a gas.

So I continued, until, I almost emptied the container. Then i washed my hand with a container of water stored at my trunk. At one moment, I thought I was some long-time expert car mechanic...or that at least i know something about cars...and car engine. Then I was ready to drive, but my car still isn't working. I tried several times. And just when I thought I was at the brink of everything, I thought of stepping on the gas pedal. Until the time I had my car engine started I was shaking my head. I knew my dad was right...I should not let my gas tank reach an empty state .No matter how expert you are with the streets, no matter how great a driver you can be, everything would be an exercise in futility unless you have a car to drive and to drive a car with an empty gas-not!!! :D

Tennis' Ace

Only the best in their time
now here's my message to rhyme:

In U.S, French or Wimbledon's centre courts
in clay, or lawn of some sort.

There's someone named Roger,
who'd like to conquer

and a fellow called Pistol Pete.
who can beat,

those whose name starts with letter "A"
like Andy and Andrei!

No wonder they are tennis' great.
They are players who can have a set,straight.

Players who gave the most aces,
in their opponent's faces.

Players who'll forever give the best service
and the most heart breaking miss.

Players who knows how to keep their cool
Players who are clean, gentle and no bull.

Players who's at the topmost of their game
Players who's never worried about their aim.

Then who is the greatest you ask,
This year, at Wimbledon it's time to uncover the mask

There's only one seat
So I am sorry Pete,

It's got to be Roger Federer
"The Greatest Player ever"!!!