Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dejar Que La Nieve (x3)!

Soon  springtime will be close to a month, how time flies... Winter just went away with time like the snow melting at Alto Campo Ski Resort. But oh, i guess, only a little portion have melted since it's quite a large Cantabrian resort with extensive (27km) skiing above the tree-line. 

The resort is best suited to intermediate and advanced skiers--that doesn't count me.  Alto Campoo is approximately 100km from Santander, quite close to Bilbao and quite an experience for a good number of reasons: 

1. For somebody who comes from the tropical islands, a place with snow is quite a dream land. 

2. For somebody who's not so fond of heights, having to spend some good 30 minutes on the cable car alone (because somebody failed to spot her seat), to reach the peak, with changing altitude (hence, wind burn, after) and blowing winds sans the lap bars (because some operator doesn't know how to explain in english), is quite a shock and awe moment.

3. For somebody who sends smiles and kisses to advanced skiers, is rewarded with best smiles and kisses.