Saturday, April 7, 2012

Menu Del Dia para Rainy Black Saturday

Menu del dia(Menu of the day):Ensalada Mixta con camarones(small shrimp) gulas (from angulasor baby eel, which is a sea food favorite of the people from the Basque Country of Spain. The price of a kilo would usually range from 300 to 500 euros...quite expensive, but since the people here love it so much they made a replacement called "gulas" which is available in the supermercado),y queso in olive oil and pepper. I've toasted a slice of pan de blanco to complement. The recipe came from my flatmate's madre, Matilde - an 80 year old woman, who looks like America's golden girl Betty White, and who calls me guapa whenver she sees me- who prepared this salad for my birthday.

Para Postre (For dessert):a simple las fresas y las manzanas (peladas)con el azĂșcar(strawberries and apples {peeled} with sugar from Eroski (Supermercado).There's only one huge wet market that I know of here, and it's in Bilbao, so people from getxo, where I live buys their stuff from the supermercado or from solo shops (depending on what you need), for meat you go to Carceneria, for Fish in Pescaderia, for fruits at fruteria, for bread at panaderia, the list can go on for all the "rias" you can think of. 

Para Beber (For drinks): zumo de melocoton-uva-manzana (apple-grape-peach juice).I usually buy the San Simon brand, it tastes good. Sometimes, I buy oranges to squeeze for fresh juice, but I must say it's only good for breakfast. 

Solved.I think this was more than enough for today's meal, so I didn't take any for dinner. The "gulas" appears like worms on the plate, but no it's really good. The camarones, i brought one bag from the supermercado, I just sauteed it in garlic and butter (disclaimer: I'm not trying to be some chef here, excuse for the terms, I'm not quite sure, this is just plain survival cooking, as we speak). But I must say it's so good, I wanna eat this set for tomorrow. Perhaps, will try other stuff tomorrow. In a way, it's nice to eat this kind of meal-guilt-free when eating. At least even without adobo, or sinigang, I'm happily eating-surviving, or surviving-eating or whathaveyou... in spanish I'd say "yo es muy, muy contenta!"