Friday, July 17, 2009

Uniquely Singapore: Selamat Datang

After the a year of knotty, tense, harrowing, but nevertheless blissful journey of thesis writing, I badly needed a wonderful R&R. And what else is there, but a Singapore trip down the pike. Thanks to my sister, I was a junket in her 3-day holiday reward she received from her company. The trip was pretty interesting. I was sick days before our scheduled flight, and was sick during the entire trip, I thought I'd spoil the fun. When boarding the plane, I was so worried that the thermal scanner in both Ninoy Aquino and Changi Airport would alarm because of high fever, and boy did that unnerve me. The trip turns out to be fun and funny, because just when I thought I was running away from anything and anybody related to that arresting thesis, Surprise! Surprise!- I saw my thesis panelist-reader during my R&R. The trip was very short, and how I regret not being able to visit other interesting sites, but surely the days I spent in SG were enough to do the following (in no particular order):

1) Taste the Ice Cream sold by the Ice Cream Uncles in Orchard Road.

2) Take a boatload of photos at Merlion Park.

3) Meet the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles.

4) Bump into the people of the River Sculpture.

5) Bestride the Luge and wing the way to the Sky Ride at Sentosa.

6) Snap up at Bugis Street.

7) Get a load of Singapore via the Tiger Sky Tower.

8) Explore the Arts House at the Old Parliament.

9) Discover the Images of Singapore.

10) While away at Vivo City.

11) Get a glimpse of the performances at The Esplanade.

12) Be sited next to the Golden Grain.

13) Make a whoopee along nicely-built underpass.

14) Grin when your photo is being taken at the Merlion's mouth.

15) Lap up and get a thrill out of your visit at Singapore.