Friday, July 10, 2009

Tennis' Ace

Only the best in their time
now here's my message to rhyme:

In U.S, French or Wimbledon's centre courts
in clay, or lawn of some sort.

There's someone named Roger,
who'd like to conquer

and a fellow called Pistol Pete.
who can beat,

those whose name starts with letter "A"
like Andy and Andrei!

No wonder they are tennis' great.
They are players who can have a set,straight.

Players who gave the most aces,
in their opponent's faces.

Players who'll forever give the best service
and the most heart breaking miss.

Players who knows how to keep their cool
Players who are clean, gentle and no bull.

Players who's at the topmost of their game
Players who's never worried about their aim.

Then who is the greatest you ask,
This year, at Wimbledon it's time to uncover the mask

There's only one seat
So I am sorry Pete,

It's got to be Roger Federer
"The Greatest Player ever"!!!