Friday, July 10, 2009

To full, or not too fool?

Driving a car is a good way
to learn your lesson today.

Listen to daddy,
or else you'd feel sorry.

Never keep your gas tank empty, but full
Otherwise you'd laugh at yourself for being a fool!

The turn of events just blew me away. I was driving along Aguirre avenue and was trying to call my brother, when I suddenly felt my car was going on the fritz. I decided pull over to the side, to avoid obstructing the traffic. I turned off the car engine, then tried to key in and put the car to start again, repeatedly. But heck, it wasn't working!!! At first, I thought of calling my dad to ask for help, or to ask him to send me a car mechanic, so i'd be able to go home. I was looking at my gauges, then recalled that I've been driving for several days with the gas gauge signaling "empty". It's not like I did not know that it was empty when I left the house, but I had this brilliant idea in my head that even if my gauge is signaling empty, i still have a few liters to spare, and I can still drive until Batangas toll, and so i decided to go on with my activity; procrastinate and gas up before I go home. Stupid enough to entertain such thought, I decided not to call my dad because for sure it's a big hassle and a big mouth waiting for me. I talked to some guy in the shop where my car is parked. I informed him that I cannot move my car because I had no gas, and apologize for blocking their way.

I started to put a brave face on then left my car and took the trike so i can reach the main road. And what could be worse, I was snarled up in traffic, with the littlest of idea whether I was doing the right thing. So i arrived the main road...walked a little, and then, another brave face on for crossing the busy street. When I reached the gasoline station, I asked the gas boy if they sell gasoline in a container. He asked for my container, because they don't sell unless there is a container, and I had none. I asked him, if they have some spare that I could borrow, because I was already in deep trouble. Good thing he was able to find one. Another gas boy approached me to ask how many liters do I need and if I am using unleaded. I asked him to sell me some P500 worth of V-power gas, then he gave me grin. Laughing at that, he told me,that the container can only carry some 4 liters and P500 worth of gas would just be too much. And so I said, go ahead, fill-up as much as it can hold.

I had to walk back holding the container of gas. Pathetic me! I took the trike again until I saw my car. I wanted to ask the trike driver to fill-up my tank with the container of gas I was holding, but I was embarrassed. He had this look on his face...something that shows a wonder as to why I carry such container and why I opened my gas tank. After I payed him, he left, and I was left alone. I opened the container, poured in the gas, until I noticed some cars taking a slow down as they approach me; they stare at me, maybe at a wonder why I was doing such things that only men are supposed to do. Oh well! what to do...I've got a car to drive...but without a gas.

So I continued, until, I almost emptied the container. Then i washed my hand with a container of water stored at my trunk. At one moment, I thought I was some long-time expert car mechanic...or that at least i know something about cars...and car engine. Then I was ready to drive, but my car still isn't working. I tried several times. And just when I thought I was at the brink of everything, I thought of stepping on the gas pedal. Until the time I had my car engine started I was shaking my head. I knew my dad was right...I should not let my gas tank reach an empty state .No matter how expert you are with the streets, no matter how great a driver you can be, everything would be an exercise in futility unless you have a car to drive and to drive a car with an empty gas-not!!! :D