Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bring Back My 2007 'Spring Break'

Everybody looks forward to spring break or March Break or slack week (for others) because its that time of the year when school is on recess, and many are lured on travels or what have you.

However for me, spending Spring Semester as an exchange student is more or less a spring break escapade. It was obviously not a recess from school, but more likely a breather from my poleco studies here in the Philippines and a leave from the environment I have been used to.

That was last year, but Sweet Jesus! its already 2008 and I'm not really over, getting-over last year.

There's just too much about last year that I cannot really allow to slip away with time. I feel so empty, thinking about letting go of it. For some reasons, I am simply not inclined in doing so. I should know that by this time, I ought to be over it. For crying out loud, people from last year have already moved on (sigh)! I should be moving on as well. However, no matter how much I try to convince myself, I am still romanticized by 2007.

Last month,Vico (X/S Monterrey Univ) shared his cup of coffee through MSN (Mex time) after coming back from a year of studies at LU ... I asked him how he was doing, his reply was " know how it feels like, raiza." Okay, I figured, I know what was it like so I replied him with "How then are you, coping?" He said "one day at a time...I couldn't complain". He told me I was harsh on myself, i didn't allow my being to recover from the reverse culture shock, that's why I'm still despondent by HK, LU and all things encompassing. He suggested one viable way to tidy up the clutter of 2007 is to patiently see things as plain as the nose on one's face.

Hence, I should try to shipshape things not by turning a blind eye to the resplendence of my 2007 Spring, but to actually recognize the wonderful things I have gained, be it the unimaginable or the simplest form of learning...or could be the unnoticeable or the most obvious joys of life.

I reckon how do i clear a glass filled with contaminated water...
lave the glass and slosh water anew!