Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sketching Out a Security Scenario

The government in this country is just going crazy. In the midst of all the controversies hustling the anomalous deals, security issues are being dealt with some reservations . The perilousness of the issue has left many at a wonder... who will take the cudgels when the very service forces themselves have been vacillating the very sanction of their office.

why do i suddenly entertain such uncanniness when I'm in my homeland, yet when i was at a foreign land this time of last year, the security of LU just blows me away.

Let me conjure up a picture...

To enter my hostel, I type in a 5 digit key code that is exclusive to Hall D.
Then... I swipe in with a security officer (who by the way i wouldn't mess with)
...and then enter into the elevator that is "disinfected no less than 3 times a day".
Finally I key into my room.

Oh and to enter the bathroom I've got another key code.

Plus, no overnight guest...ever (but being an X/S entitles you some concessions, especially if you're friendly with the officer! hmmm...whoever consumed those entitlements?!)***wink