Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pour Monsieur Français

I think of you in many ways,
So I won’t have lonely days
I keep your memory
Just so you could be near me

I try to keep a kindred spirit
To ease the twinge a bit
I yearn to meet you again
But, I don’t know when

You make me reminisce at times
As I try to remember your lines
You make me feel indifferent
Crestfallen, that’s what I meant

You make me wish to skip another day
So I won’t miss you in anyway
Where have you been?
Years apart, that’s how it seems

I won’t take your words as promises
I’ll just remember those as wishes
At least I won’t get disappointed
By just relying on what you said

I won’t remember you as, special
I’ll just commit you as my friend
That’s what we are in truth
What better words to suit

I’ll settle for what I have
A memory and your wish
Let’s turn everything into a magic
So we don’t make our love story, a tragic

Until the time we meet again…

I’ll just remember how those time were
As others envy us for being together
Like watching a movie to end the night
With our hands holding tight

As we walk on the street
With every single stick you lit
Remember the rain dance
And how you try to cover me with your hands

Bring out the big umbrella
As you run me off with a kiss
We laughed and blathered
We hugged one another

For now let’s keep our hearts apart
And race the end with a good start
Let’s see if soon we could get together
And be happy forever

Je m'ennuie de vous beaucoup Monsieur,
Je devine que vous êtes si heureux maintenant
parce que vous ne vous rappelez pas d'autre
autant que d'autres se rappellent vous
Je suis triste Monsieur, really, I am.