Sunday, March 9, 2008

Racing the End for a Good Start

A lot of things have changed.

You've grown your hair long as if telling the world how you've become wiser.
You hold your body upright that relates how you've embraced adulthood
You keep the smile of a man who's responsible and reliable
You have the bearing of a person who's ready to accept the challenges, and

I am happy for you.
Knowing that you wake up every morning with a smile on your face,
gives me no less than the same joy you have these days.

Believe me, I see no reason to feel sad knowing that you are climbing the ladder of dreams, that used to be plain words we speak of, over lunch or dinner.
I feel happy that as you are closely reaching those stars, you are inspired and armed with so much love and warmth from the one,

the one you thought, you would not meet anytime soon,
the one you thought you’d have to wait forever
the one who’s not left handed.
But she’s there, and she’s the one.

I used to feel the last hold…
But, seeing how you take her in your arms
everything felt so deaden.

I am glad though.

And even if I keep your memory,
Just so you could be near me,
Let’s try to be distant
So we could race the end, with a good start