Friday, December 5, 2008

Postcard from Lebanon

Today, Alex just made my day! :-)
For the longest time, I've been waiting for a promised parcel from Germany or from Scotland where he is currently enrolled. This year we've been keeping in touch, exchanging hi's and hello's from wherever we are on earth. And in between those chats and musings, he'd never fail to make promises. Today, at least for once I could say: i so believe his promises! yay! so sweet of him! Its like forever whenever we're not speaking, but with him yesterday is like today. He's his usual carefree guy in our International Organization Class in 2007, or that endearing, silly exchange student from Aberdeen, who never fails to play tricks when he wants to.

So here's my shout for you:
Mr. Isele, you really know when to make me smile! thanks for remembering me all the way from Lebanon. I know you've been busy with all your interviews for thesis. I hope they're all friendly and nice to you. Don't forget to thank the owner of the flat where you are staying (haha! that is, if you have any intentions to inform him that you're using his place!) Say hello to Foucault, I know he's not easy to understand, but trust his theory, and you won't have any problems with your framework. I shall be online in skype, to see how my thesis buddy has gone far. You're almost there, and so am I?! (that's if i'd make good with my defense on March).I shall see you and your degree, ill bring mine too, if i make it this year (i'm keeping my fingers crossed). We shall see at least!