Friday, December 5, 2008

Tagaytay Chill

My friend in her usual spur-of-the-moment invited me to go to Tagaytay today. No plans really, as it was meant to chill over stress and what-have-you of life. So she swinged to my house at around 7, we arrived Tagaytay between 830 to 900, had dinner at Pancake House. Yes, Pancake House, and so?! we just want to have our dinner in Tagaytay, so it didn't really matter which resto to eat. Had coffee at Starbucks, and chat over a lot of things. Then she dropped me off to my house at 12.

You bet! t'was really a great time. And though we chilled at the regular food establishments we visit around Manila none of it is disappointing. Obviously, there's nothing really special to go to these places when you know these are next door favorites. But heck, the point of our trip is to chill. So we did, literally.

A certified Tagaytay chill, coffee anyone?!