Friday, January 23, 2009

Hong Kong January Trip

Today, is the first day of another HK trip; My first for this year. :-)

I left Manila at 540, arrived in HK 20 minutes earlier than ETA...Thanks to Cebu Pacific!I noticed though that alot were flying to Hong Kong. I am seated on 1A and front row seats are all taken.

At HK, everything seemed to be in the same place, just like how it was when I was here last September. That's good to know, the only thing that I have to worry about is whether I still remember everything I need to know from my last flight.

I stayed at HKIA to have breakfast at Burger King, and then everything started from there. I took the bus, because it's much cheaper than taking a cab or the Airport Express train. I had to worry though, about where to get off. At one point, I thought I missed my stop and I want to blame my having no sense of direction. But my memory serves(although its a digressed version- selective memory, and went down at Quarry Bay. I took 2A bus, and boy did I feel triumphant!!!Great Great!

I arrived at Saincair's place. Then, decided to leave her place at 12 to visit her at Lingnan. At Lingnan, I sighed as I catch my breath while walking at a faster phase. I was received by Sainclair at Hostel F lobby. Goodness, why do I feel a throb in my heart?! I laughed at the thought of the past. It kinda hit a nerve there yah know!

At room, I want to turn back the time. I miss my room, my desk, the view from my window, my roomate. I miss the codes I have to memorize to access the gates and he lavatory. I miss LU and I miss hostel life.

Here's the catch: As I remember the places and people who forms part of that episode in my life. I saw a lot of foreign-looking students gathering in main entrance of LU. They are this school year's spring sem exchange students. Not just a throb in my heart...I felt something I could not explain...I imagined it was when I was that exchange student experiencing LU. Sainclair and I took the 67x, back to reality...I'm not an exchange student anymore, I am a tourist now;It's not gonna be a 6-month stay...its just a visit until February. So I shall enjoy this visit, especially since, it's Chinese New Year. Kong Hei Fat Choi!!! Lai Si Tau Loi!!!